Перевод песни Vanguart – Miss Universe

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Woke up naked, I was outside
Thunders, thunders lightin' up all I had inside
Policeman came and asked me «Why?»
I said «I got the money»
Claimed my hands and pat my backs
Said I was funny
Funny was I?
Woke up naked, I stole a car
Drove through the boundary
Called up Chico, he asked me «What?»
I said «Meet me at the foundry»
I met him down on a cheerful morning
At the local place for murders
All of a sudden he spoke his mind
I spoke my mind just moaning
We held hands, he showed me drugs
I laughed and said «I'm yours, babe»
Come here while my heart beats for you
And fuck me like your mother
And his mother was, (mother was)
Mother was (mother was)
Miss universe
Oh, his mother was, (mother was)
Mother was, (mother was)
Miss universe
(Mother was)
(Mother was…)
Miss universe
Miss universe