Перевод песни Sparks – Here In Heaven

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Here, there are lots of things to do
And a panoramic view
Of the universe completely surrounding you
And here, you cannot buy souvenirs
You’re never going back, never ever
Basically, I guess it could be worse
Yes I do, suppose it could be worse
Here, there are many, many sheep
And the people only sleep
And awake to tell how gory and gruesome was their end
And I don’t have many friends
And it’s really very clean, and I’m thinking:
«Juliet, you broke our little pact
Juliet, I’m never coming back»
Up here in heaven without you
I’m here in heaven without you
Up here in heaven without you
It is hell knowing that your health
Will keep you out of here for many, many years
Dear, do you often think of me?
As you overlook the sea
Do I qualify as «dearly departed»
Or am I «that sucker in the sky»
The fall guy for the first and the last time
Juliet, I thought we had agreed
Now I know why you let me take the lead
Second thoughts, is that what you had?
Second thoughts, first I broke my back
Second thoughts, as I hit the sea
Second thoughts, for eternity
For eternity, for eternity