Перевод песни Fiction Plane – Fallow

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Sensing that this is a dark day
I remember when the sun came again
No need to fight the world myself
I have victory built into history
Cause I have seen better days
There will be better days
This is a shadow of life lying fallow
Despairing can’t find its place here
Take a token from the past
And you see that nothing lasts
Things keep moving on
And you ask me
Where is home?
Well the clouds have fallen ill
And if yet more rain is spilled
Well I forgive them
Wash your fears in purest hope
It keeps you cleaner than can soap
Just remember that the dirt comes from within your living skin
It’s made of everything you eat
Keeps you standing on your feet
There’s a price to pay
But don’t dismay
You’ll live
Because I have seen better days
There will be better days
Fearing silence you just might
Find yourself awake at night
Imagining the things that could go wrong before too long
Let the panic slip away
Don’t hold too tightly to this day
Don’t crush its life out and you’re sure to find the cure