Перевод песни Walter Trout – A Matter of the Heart

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Love don't have to be convenient
It just has to be real
It don't have to come easy
Rollin like a wheel
True love needs commitment
Renewal every day
It's a matter of the heart that's where it has to start
And that's where it has to stay
It don't need to be gentle it just needs to be true
It can last forever that's what it's meant to do And in a single moment It may come to you
And when the touch is just a hand
You finally understand
That the lonely days are through
It's a matter of the heart (x4)
And love don't need a reason
It's something that you feel
You don't have to think about it You'll know it when it's real
And when you don't expect it It can take you by surprise
And in a single day your heart will fly away
When it's right before your eyes