Перевод песни The Knack – River Of Sighs

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Bang bang drop dead rip it up and paint it red
Make you want to shout maybe tell you what it's all about
'cause you don't know don't know no don't know
Billy playing pup tent it was an accident
Baby's got a sick sense mixing up her medicine
And you want it want it so bad yeah
There's a feeling that will heal us Leave you breathless feeling all right
Let it take you to the light
It's only love the shiver that's shaking me It's only love the look in your eyes
Only love, we'll slip into ecstasy and dive
In a river of sighs
Get a gun gonna shoot 'em 'fore they run run
You fake, you flaunt tell me what you really want
'cause you don't know no don't know oh Missy's got a car superman super superstar
Said she's in the know baby sex-o-rama go go But there's nowhere nowhere nowhere to go oh no A dose of vanity say no to sanity