Перевод песни James Taylor – Woman's Gotta Have It

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Once upon a time a good friend of mine
Told me to tell y'all what I say today
Do the things that keep a smile on her face
Say the words that make her feel better every day
You bet you better keep on you P's and Q's
If you don't the woman, you can easily lose
Oh, I had a love, a true love and I lost it
No one seems to understand about the pain that it cost me
Woman's got to have it, I believe that I should know
She's got to know that she's that she's needed around
When you kiss her, you got to make her feel it everyday, boy
She's got to know that she's not walking on shaky ground
(Think it over)
Don't take for granted the smile upon her face
Check a little bit closer, you might find a tear trace
Maybe the little girl never said a mumbling word
But she's got to know that her voice is heard
Oh, I had a love, it was a true love and I lost it
Now I'm suffering all this pain that the true love cost me
So if you've got a love, maybe you've got eyes to keep her
You've got to give her what she wants when she wants it
Where she wants it, all right, how she wants it
And every doggone time she thinks she needs it
Your woman needs it the same as mine
Woman got to have it from time to time
Woman got to have it
Woman got to have it, that's what I say
Woman got to have it