Перевод песни Assassin – Ruffest And Tuffest

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If is a game
Wi ready fi play it If it's ak Gimmie mek mi spray it Gimmie a mic and mek mi dj it
And nuh me A di people dem say it
(seh wha)
Wi a di ruffest
Our style dem a di tuffest
If a girl wi have di nuffest
And our girl dem a di buffest
Wi buss it up yes
Wi nuh tek drape up or puff chest
Dem fi happy fi wi success
Cause wi shed nuff tears and nuff sweat
(Verse 1:)
In it for di love, not di money or di fame
But a work still, so wi give tanks fi weh wi gain
Wi neva woulda hype ova weh wi obtain
Just a work cause wi have a standard fi maintain
Crazy-m-utha fucka wi insane
Melody dem bad an wi lyrics dem nuh plain
Marshall to di wayne tell dem it's not a game
Wi nuh lame, so dat is why wi hear di people sayin (dat)
(Verse 2:)
All a who waan fi mek a bench wid mi name
Word is whim, yuh talkin in vain
Assassin-sniper call it di same
Dat mean i am a sniper mi nuh miss when mi aim
Nuff a compare an end up a complain
2001 try dat yuh voice strain
Neck string buss up an a bawl fi back pain
My engine's running off a higher octane (so wha!)