Перевод песни The Who – God Speaks, Of Marty Robbins

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
And when the world began
I’d been asleep forever
I opened one eye
Twas then it was I
Got the whim to wake
And when the weight of space
Rolled like it was an ocean
One became one
Father and son
Watched the sunrise break
And as the ocean warmed
And from this dream we woke
One sang to greet the dawn
One pursed his lips and spoke
Wake up and hear the music
Wake up and hear the music play
Wake up and hear the music
Wake up and hear what the people say
I heard the heavens sing
Predicting Marty Robbins
I knew I’d find
Music and time
Were the perfect plan
I watched my son sail on
A little ship a-bobbing
I had to grow
I needed to know
Exactly who I am