Перевод песни The Who – Mirror Door

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If you don’t hear me, how can I tell you
If you don’t listen, why should I speak
If you’re indifferent, how can I reach you
Just 'cos you’re angry don’t assume I’m weak
Howling Wolf, and old Link Wray
Dave Van Ronk and Doris Day
Bobby Darin, Brownie McGhee
Elvis, Buddy and Eddie C
Music makes me, makes me strong
Strong vibrations, make me long
Long for a place where I belong
You will find me in this song
Who will walk through the mirror door
Will there be music, or will there be war
Will we be rich, or will we be poor
Who will walk through the mirror door
A thousand angels, a million children
Fire and fear in a suicide eye
Golden stairway to a Zeppelin heaven
Rolling thunder under New York sky
Frank 'n' Ella, Ray 'What'd I Say'
Johnny Cash and Johnnie Ray
Amadeus and Ludvig Van
Henry, Johann and the doo dah band
We are here in celebration
This music’s going to make us strong
We climb up high, to the golden station
Curtis Mayfield ain’t waiting long
(Get on board…)