Перевод песни The Replacements – Photo

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I bet it's not the first time
I bet it's not the last time that you try
There's not a second wasted
And all I get is flashes in my eye
Don't point that thing at me And don't you tell me I am just the one
You use your finger, you press the trigger
Know what you're after, your photo finger
The difference it makes to me Turn and face away, you will go blind
I guess you see right through me It only takes a minute of your time
You're snapping in the day
Your bedroom's busy way into the night
That's not your finger
That's not rapid fixer
Your photo finger, it's getting bigger
You didn't think I'd notice
You're knocking up another eight by ten
You get an hour service
Yeah, everybody needs it now and then
You're putting on my wig
And then you tell me I'm the only one
You're getting thinner, your photo finger
It's getting bigger, your photo finger