Перевод песни Tower Of Power – Knock Yourself Out

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You got your fax fur on, you're walking out the door
You said you won't be 'round to see me no more
You'll be preaching that you put the hurt on me But on the real side, woman, we shall see
Talk your trash, mama, it's alright with me I got my game uptight and you should have known it from in front
I'm on top of the situation, so KNOCK YOURSELF OUT
You've been places, girl, where you just don't belong
I've been there, too, I'm not sayin that it's wrong
You tell your friends that you got away clean
But on the real side, woman, you were just a rhythm machine
I got the urge early last week
To call you up just to hear you speak
But I didn't want to waste your time
'Cause on the real side, woman, you ain't worth a dime