Перевод песни Kid Sister – Get Fresh

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I got my own style and I got my own grace
I work my own angle, what you trynna say
I got my own cut means I stick my own green
And green-eyed monsters be first on the scene
Like yellow foxes, eyes in the sky
Always flip quick like can I get a ride
Can you get a ride man, can I get a spot
I see you throwin' shade out the corner of my eye
I'm from the go, so I keep movin' on
From the freaks out night to the early morn
Blue muhfuckas done got me gone and we ain't leaving till I get some
I got my records, I got my own taste
Shoes Louis Vuitton, power suit, super cape
If you get to yappin' say it to my face
Dial 3−3-1−59−88, holla at me
D-d don't step to me
Get fresh with me
Don't step to me
Get fresh with me
S-step to me get fresh with me
Get get g-g-get fresh with me
Get fresh
Get fresh with me
Don't step to me
Get fresh with me
S-s-step to me
Get fresh with me
Get g-g-get fresh with me
I got my own rhythm and I got my own bass
I got my own kickers and my motorcycle dace
Got five on the ride baby I got trace
Like she ninety-nine gotta keep it grace
Work so shinin' but you whinin'
Chillin at the Superwards, checkin out behind him
I got eye on them, man I grind on them
Even pop that booty when I'm rhy-a-min'
That's right, Ima learn ya how
I moved up and I got my own piece of pie
Not pizza pie but I got a good record like Domino's line outside for five
So you wanna kick it to a down-ass jawn
With my man cold chillin' and my glasses on
Uh, I done told you don't call my phone
Only broke hoes creep on the low
So I got my own singles and I got my own cuts
Switchboard shucks and I got my own struts
I know you hear me comin' so you betta listen up
And get that ole style while we're pissin' out ya cup
Holla at me