Перевод песни Kid Sister – Life On TV

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Kick back with me
Smile to the camera, don't tap your weave
Or fact to the factory
Cause this is life on TV
I try to catch the beat
Back it up, drop it, then check for me
And don't forget to breathe
Cause this is life on TV
From the jump I say damn, this who I am
Came to fall quick like Ram-a-dan
Somebody hit auntie ann
Carl said can I? Yes I can
Get that Chet Magnific
I got it goin' on like Miami got heat
I pay to keep eight days a week
My name is on your lips so keep hatin' on me
Cause I got the feature
I got the beat you
Try to repeat
K, run after me
Cause I'm busy and my phone's ringing off the hook
So I look both ways whichever way I strut
Or stumble. Imma stay humble, it's the main thang
First _________ if you wanna maintain
Big things, big chains, big pay
Peak game, peak game, OK
So, I started at a lounge, rhyming on a couch
With my money in my mind and my mic-ing in my mouth
And I didn't know how life could change styles
When up came a suit like, «Can we meet tomorrow?»
Shocked at first like a tremor in the Earth
But I played it so cool, I played it so curtsy
For what it's worth, Bath & Body Works
Though my uncle make the three drop back ain't hurt
I got scurred when I first got word
That Tamika's got beef when I first got heard
Kickin with some ______ so hard, so sure
Bubba says girls get kicked to the curb
On the double, don't move my levels
The crowd goes wild when the EQ doubles
The bass, the bass, the treble, the treble
The bass, the bass, the treble, the treble