Перевод песни Reggie Watts – Fields of Donegal

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Oh there she stood on the cliffs of orchid
And the mountains did cry her name
And the flowers came a-cryin' for her passin' did the worst
As she turned her gaze to the sea
How the wind blew that night
And the window of the voices carried the voice of her grandfather
And the voice of the old man whispered into her ears, «Do not concern
Yourself with the deep deep blue sea.»
She stood on the cliffs and she watched
As the ocean did roll itself into that earthly ball
Well the crash on the sandy earth we knew not where she wallowed
But she did not see the essence of the end
Follow down those steep grimy steps
At the time of a child is at hand
She descends way on the smile of a nation
Only to find that she's lost her man to that deep blue horizon of the
Can I try some of your biscuits?
Your biscuits are delightful
Your biscuits are delightful
They're flakey and they're chew—
Chewy like the raisins you put inside your bread
And when it comes time for the supper
You'll be there instead of Fred
As she go a-corner she knew she wasn't the (incomprehensible)
Now she's got the calling of the ancient writing on her head
She's a beauty and she knowed it Her man is lost at sea
With her grandfather away for the night
She was the shining flea
The shining flea jumps from man to man
Giving all it can to inflict disease
It's the end of a new time a noonish and to a (incomprehensible)
Well that's going to be time as it's going to take approximately forty-five
Hours here past the hour
Also some other things that we've been a part of have been dismantled by The society as well and we'll be looking at that later at nine-thirty
But first up we need sports scores, and sports scores it is; given by our
Favorite sports guru: Sledge Flurson. Sledge?