Перевод песни Little Majorette – Bite The Bullet

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Oh what a mess and we made it We don't know where we lay
Oh what a fuss that they wanted
It was shameful
Oh can't you see that i'm trying
Now i'm stuck in between
Oh i'll come clean if i've done it Yeah i'll admit it, i'll bite the bullet
The more they say the more i break
Cos i'm just a machine
The more they give the more i steal
But i've always come clean
They wind me up i bite my tongue
Now i'm caught in between
And we get stuck there lost in hell
As part of their machine
They lay the rules and i break 'em
I like to spoil their fun
Don't talk to me like i'm stupid
Your the dumb ones
Oh why oh why they keep on asking
They'll never understand
Oh i just can't be bothered
But i'll grin and bear it, i'll bite the bullet
My head can't take much more
They said not me, it's you
I bite the bullet