Перевод песни Godsmack – Love-Hate-Sex-Pain

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In this life I'm me
Just sitting here alone
By the way I tried to say
I'd be there for you
Walk the silent emptiness
That leads me by my hands
And throw away
What I don't understand, as a man
It's complicating me sometimes
This love-Hate-Sex-Pain
It's underestimated lies
And I wonder as I tear away my skin
It's taken me so long to stitch
These wounds from where I've been
And mother please don't bury me
I'm begging for my life
It's hard to say that I will be complete
Before I die
Don't you worry please
Don't you leave me
Because I surely slip away
Though love, hate, sex, and pain
I fall away into
Love, hate sex, and pain