Перевод песни Merle Haggard – September In Miami

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September in Miami marks the time and the place
I first laid eyes on you
I was there to spend the winter
Keeping warm the only way I knew
It was way down in the fall before I realized at all
It'd be a special place and time
September in Miami
Is more than just a memory of mine
The winter found the beaches filled with pretty girls
And lonely boy away from home
All the sunshine and laughter could you know
They matched the happiness I'd known
You went away to somewhere on the day before thanksgiving day
But I didn't cry
And the lonely weeks that followed
Made me know I'd always love you till I die
For days I tried forgetting you
And finally wrote you offers just like a passing friend
But I woke up this morning
And today I started loving you again
If this letter ever find you
I hope it finds you happy when it find you
I'll address it somewhere Texas
For you talked about some cowboys that you knew