Перевод песни The Hellacopters – Twist Action

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Come on little baby got me in a trance
We´re both tough so let´s just skip the dance
You´re lookin´ good and I really wanna be with you
Twist action will be good enough
I need a dose of that righteous stuff
I need a little lovin´ but fast so baby come on thru´
Gotta get some time with you alone
Grab on to somethin´ I call my own
Ain´t got too much time to spare
Come on do the twist action now or I´ll be outta here
Pretty little girl gotta rock´n´ roll
To get your hand into my pocket is my only goal
The only thing guaranteed is your satisfaction
I got a stiff proposition baby clench your fist
I´m on a mission to make you twist
Go baby driver gotta get twist action