Перевод песни The Morning Of – Heaven Or Hell

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Do you feel the same?
I've given it time
But you went away
And left me to die
Time goes on and on and on again
But I just feel worse
I soldier on and on and on But you won't return
I've seen heaven and hell, made too much of myself
Built this world on my shoulders for a story to tell
I've been broken and bruised, left my lungs overused
Watched you walk away
Watched you walk away
There was a time when I Counted on you to be here for me Now that seems naive
Life goes on and on and on And I just stand still
You move on and on and on And nothing feels real
Here.lay still
Open my heart
Feel it slow
I put you out
The way I fell in If you turn to me now I could only say this
Now if you're scared to death like me But you'll not get a bit of rest
For the pounding and calling at a door in your little chest
If you're scared to death like me, close your eyes
Just close your eyes