Перевод песни Infantree – Rubbed Raw

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If I didn't cause a commotion
Would it help you throw a fit?
You give me cause for emotion
Can you tell me how to live?
I'm gonna rub you raw, I'm gonna rub you
I don't wanna set it in motion every time I gotta give
Were I to test your devotion
It would be defective
And if I'm showing emotion
It won't be effective
This is an ideo-motion
Made of shit we misgive
But I keep drinking the potion
Even look aggressive
If you would give me a notion
Start to look admissive
I want to rub you raw, I'm gonna rub you
Don't mean to hold it against you, but you make it hard
To understand your emotions
Where they end or start
Over and over again
When things are getting hard, you still want me You could be honest to God, but you won't be Happy with things when we don't speak
I think it's 'cause I'm scared of the world
You think I'm joking
It's a fiery kind of fear when the coldest coasts are clear
Acoustic radiation never disappears