Перевод песни De Staat – The Fantastic Journey Of The Underground Man

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Sweet dreams it is, saturday night
Look out for pigs, 'cuz I, ain't got no light
Ride through the shadows, to my friend Jack
Did you miss me baby? Well now I'm back!
I drink that courage, into my veins
Let Jacky D. take the shame away
Shake, shake, 'cuz it might get better
All I want is to get together
Shake, shake, 'cuz it might get better
Wait for sun but you get bad weather
I see you dancin'baby, the whole night long
I don't know why, but I — I want your hump
Like a sniper baby, I hunt for you
I wait for hours and then do an interview
I shake my ass and then she goes away
I like to play, but I don't know the game!