Перевод песни Drawn Together – Face The Balls

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How can I face the shriveled balls
Of my decrepit nemesis?
I can smell that crotch from here!
That sack has not been cleaned in years!
It's gotta be drenched in layers
Of sweat and piss
But he taught me how to read
And that has opened up new worlds
Still that stench, rancid flesh,
Soaked in crotch juice, pus, and ass
Good God! It makes me want to hurl!
I can't deny him his dying wish!!!
Even though I swear I'll faint
If I find some ancient dingle berries sticking to his taint...
But wait! I must stand for something!
I'm a hero, after all...
I must have the balls to face his nasty, cadaverous, spidery, putrid,
rash-ridden, lice-infested, Limburger-smelling, wretch-inducing---