Перевод песни Ludacris – Spur Of The Moment

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Ay man let me ask you somethin man
You ever have one of them days where you felt like
you mighta got rid of all the bad seeds in your life?
Y’knahmean like you just got your paycheck
Paid off a car note or somethin
Just jumped out the shower feelin fresh than a muh’fucka
Witcha good shoes on, y’knahmtalkinbout?
You mean like, paid off a Cadillac car note?
Like a Cadillac, like you ready to throw a party
Like call e’rybody you know, don’t even plan it, just do it
In Compton we call that «spur of the moment»
Well let’s do it, spur of the moment, whattup?
Well you can bring the drinks a little mo' my way
More I say, on another hot sunny Cali-for-nye day
Just touched down, called up my 8−1-8
Fo' a date with some other bust downs
And I cruised up the block, car losed up the top
I take the breeze, quick break the trees
Feel good as we flippin through the Robb Repo’t
My baby momma ain’t trippin on child suppo’t
Because she can’t support that garbage, she should come pay homage
When we pair 'em, we gon' share 'em, when I’m finished we all switch
I ain’t really got the time, yo I’m chillin with Luda-
-cris stop and twist the buddha got me feelin like this is it
If we gon' party, we gon' sip, we got a bar
We all in shape, we gon' go far, you can’t stop the car
We on the freeway, if you get out you burnt
You woulda thought you woulda learned me when my hair was all permed
I think y’all bullshittin with it dawg
It’s on tonight, get licked, get gone tonight
And for once, in my life, everything’s gonna be, alright
G’d up, my mind is freed up
From the day, through the night, everything’s gonna be, alright
Arabian Spruce, Seagram’s bumpy and juice
We used to bag and then truce, we used to sag and get loose
Not the kind of cats that would jump in your bag for your jewels
But to put some money in it for your drink and your shoes
We get the News like MTV, every ten to the hour
We play Mario Brothers, we eat the 'shroom and get power
Now eat your sour powers, and use your dental floss
What does bein mental cost? If you ain’t knowin you already lost
So stay with me, and let’s get tipsy
Rememberin the days on the block sippin whiskey
Runnin 'round grinnin, runnin 'round sinnin
Gettin lit, then I wonder why my head kept spinnin
But I’m all grown up now, less throwin up now
Record blowed up, so my hood throwed up
Now let’s break loose cause your boy’s arrived
And tonight we gon' celebrate bein alive riiiiight
It’s just one of those days, without a care in the world
You ain’t gotta look mean, I know you care for your girl
But she’s lookin this way and I’m gonna come get her
Fresh haircut, so I’m feelin quite kipper
Can’t nothin go wrong cause my strap’s on my back
And if fools wanna scrap then my tool will attack
But forget the click-clack, ain’t no need for the steel
Just a straight house party and some meat on the grill
If it’s Los Angeles, watch a boss handle biz
I’mma put this on my kids, stupid it’s an outfit
If you ain’t been around the world keep yo' mouth zipped
Cause I do wind-age and elevation
You see I’m not normal and I’m not a homo
I’m mo' apt to shoot a porno with you in cornrows
And call it «More Hoes: Volume 5, Volume 6»
And show it in the back of my truck, at the picnic
— repeat 2X