Перевод песни Ozomatli – Magnolia Soul

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Let the good times roll
Bad times gone
The suns gonna shine
Rise up, get on your feet
Let the good times roll
Sad times gone
Let the good times roll
Pretty mama can’t stop
Magnolia’s soul
Dear magnolia, what’s crackin'?
Been a long time since I last saw your face
Never forget the day out in the sticks I saw your crecsent smile in place
All the way from uptown, downtown, lakeside to river
Heard W don’t care about them
Gotta watch who you make ya friend
Otherwise FEMA will come through and backstab you again
Just some advice to lend
Weak ties will bend
Through the dark true light will win
And they said that this the end
But we fixin' to make them saints march on again
Polite little hurricane, called for she came
Officials knew the deal and they didn’t do a thang
Knew her every move
Yep Katrina was her name
The mayor had the whole game in the palm of his hand
Hand in the pot
Caught cold and oh!/ shouldv’e fixed them damn levees long time ago/ but they
didn’t take the chance to do it
Pitty pat between the pres and the mayor
Folks was dying (die) too
A gang of us in the superdome
We’re in the heat
Folks in wheelchairs feet swole, nothing to eat
So to the kids and the families that lost
I rhyme for, ‘nolia clap
Show the world your sooooooul
Everybody clap them hands
Still steppin to the second line band
Still stompin' to the zulu drum
You can’t stop this native son
A huh huh
Let the good times roll
Let the good times roll pretty mama can’t stop magnolias soul