Перевод песни Buck 65 – memory is parallax

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Suger in the gastank and sand in the vasoline
Buck 65 and foreign currencies
Just in case and for emergencies, i keep double copies, single pairs
Of plastic explosive if i need them for signal flairs. goshdarnit
I'm the intesifying image of your last hope incarnate
Five percent fairytale
And ninety-five of me is hardwork and i rarely fail
Even though i'm very pale, i wear a suit of armor and
In the summer time i ride my bike and get a farmer's tan
Forty-one to thirty and i'm ok for hours
Backstage at the showcase, i want bouquets of flowers
A large order of frieds and i'm sort of surprised
Because the same thing happened in the lord of the flies
When piggy lost his glasses and got crushed by a boulder
Thanks and no, and even though i'm touched, i am older
47,516. all i need's a flexed wrist
Stupid djs would give their right arm to be ambidextrous
The path of radical thought is mathematical
I substract distractions in addition to inhibitions
Now c'mon everybody, click your heels and do the dorothy
Don't go lookin' for trees through the forestry
I'll calmy and gladly tell your mommy and daddy
That their little baby girl is part of an experiment
I never meant to scare anyone, i've been honest, i've been nice
But i feel like i'm skating on thin ice
And my skates need sharpening
I got hardwood floors, but i cover them up with some nice shag carpeting
I've pulled whole lotsa dollars out of whole lotsa pockets
But life is still just a big old bowl of cherries
And luck berries to chew on, and any kind of fruit juice
I used to always either have a bleeding nose or loose tooth
That was in the seventies, i'll tell ya ladies and gentlemen
That after bein' in the nineties, replaced the eighties' adrenalin
These be the things that the world says to censor
And it will snap your head back like an old-fashioned pez-dispenser
So try to stay on top of it, in fact, knowing opposites attract
The best thing might be to open windows for security
As we slip into obscurity, and something more comfortable
Try to bear in mind that memory is parallax