Перевод песни Emanuel and the Fear – Same Way

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She owns my heart but I won't know, until i'm gone like an idea,
something so real it gets you laughing and just
leaves you standing there alone
saying the work'll change and soon I'll say
and through the smile she says she'll be here
but you know that it aint that easy
yea you know you can't do what you're saying
no it will all remain and always be the same way.
So he wakes up at six in the morning
brushes his teeth and leaves
to drive himself to san francisco
thinking how he can't handle all these feelings that she brings
and how it's worse still when you're lonely
and can't feel anything
but how you can't seem to be happy
unless you're making some poor girl feel the same
but I don't want to be that way
so if you've gotta leave me babe
I won't say anything
Now that the winter's almost over
maybe I'll go home back to brooklyn
to see some friends there in the springtime
and call you up to say i'm home
let me come and bring you flowers, cook you dinner and tell you stories
but she'll say no can't you see what you're doing
how can you make me have to go through that again
just cause you're here now don't mean that you've changed
because you always will remain
and always will be the same way.