Перевод песни Marc Jordan – Mystery Man

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Jumped in my car,
put my foot to the ground,
I'm the lonely one.
Bought some heavy-duty gas,
new tires all around
Now heading out of town
I was born when you came
Died with your name
still running through my head
Four days on the road
with this impossible load
But my car's still running fine.
You can cry, baby.
You can be the one to shed a tear now.
You can cry, baby.
Got your hand-me-down highway and a song.
I've got a ticket to ride
the hot, melted slide
that blurs the country outside
Where the diners and the truckers
are the lonely men's mothers
and their gas tanks are open wide
You can come in and sit with the men
and the flies ‘'round the «No Smoking» sign.
I think I'll keep driving
while my Chevy's still goin'
through the darkness to the other side.
(repeat chorus — guitar solo — repeat chorus)
Seems I've been in school
for so many years
that September marks my life out of ten.
Still the mem'ries were good
when my heart was made of wood
and I didn't realize back then.
I'd be driving down the highway
‘cause it's the only thing goin' my way.
And I'd give the world,
I'd give the world,
to be comin' home to you...
(repeat chorus)