Перевод песни Chad Austin – Shows To Go Ya'

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i went out and bought it
it's slightly used one only
low mile ridin' high style chevrolet
and to show her gratitude
what's my baby do
she packs and backs it out of our driveway
a spin around the block
left me watching 'round the clock
thinkin' surely it's a joke that she's playin'
she wouldn't do me like this
leave me without a goodbye kiss
but ii's been a month of sunday's and i'm still prayin'
it shows to go you what i know
goes to show you what i don't
mister know it all ain't as smart as i thought
spent my last dime on that car i bet she's off in
doin' who knows what
who'd thought so
shows to go you what i know
but as i hate to say
i'll have to say i hate it
the way i was unincluded in her plan
the wool was over my eyes
she pulled one big ol' surprise
right in front of the back of my hand
shows to go what i know
goes to show you what i know
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