Перевод песни No Authority – Can't Go On

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Girl I know I was wrong
Please come back to me Without you I just cant go on You said youre leavin me and I understand
Although weve had some good times,
lately you seem so sad
Dont try and say you dont love me,
cause you know that just aint true
Thats just your way of trying to say you dont
Know what to do When the times got tough, girl I let you down
Things got rough, I was not around
Should have been everything that you need
Baby I pray that you come back to me
I cant go on without you in my live
I cant go on knowin we havent tried
Youre the one that I want, the one that I need
Baby bring all of your love back to me
I care for you more than you know
Shouldve spent more time doing the things
That make love grow
Didnt ever mean to leave you alone
Was too blind to see what I had at home
Now, I realize what Id do for your love
When the times get tough, I wont let you down
Seas get rough, I wont let you drown
I will be everything that you need
Baby I pray that you come back to me Bridge:
Oh I realize, every time I fantasize
Being back in your arms,
holding you close at night
Baby understand, I want to be the man
Wholl take care of you, Ill be there for you
I wont ever hurt you again