Перевод песни Raul Malo – Haunting Me

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Twist of fate, you betrayed me with your one mistake
Is there ever anyone can make, so easily
What a force, no one who resisted but of course
I could ___________that I could and I should let it be
All the time, I keep thinkin bout when she was mine
It’s no longer a heartless crime and I blame it all on you
I need don’t to tell you what you already know
I’m having myself a little trouble letting go
As long as she’s still in my memory
None of my possession will matter much in time
Without her I’ll have nothing so I’ll leave it all behind
But I just can’t let her gone on haunting me
What a face, like a painting that I can’t replace
There is nothing anyone can say
To put me at ease
Break the spell, take it easy on me I’m not well
I can really use a little help, So help me start anew