Перевод песни Waterlillies – Take My Breath Away

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«Hello again, my love
Hello, and from my heart
In your hands»
That's how it read
«I long to know your touch
I dream to feel your touch
From far away — away»
Oh, how it read!
«For 40 days it's been
My love, please me hear me say
I need yor love as I need my heart
Don't harm my heart
Don't forget that it's me by your side
Don't forget or I'll die
Take all of my breath away
Before you do this
No man knows what I feel inside
No man knows how my strength
It grows with each word I send
To be held by your eye
At night I lie alone
I hear your voice as it calls
I lie awake
My lady in white
For you I'd grasp the sky
A million stars in my eyes
Could never describe
My lady in white!"