Перевод песни Michael Franks – B'wana-He No Home

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Don't you ever invite your boyfriend here-
I like to be here alone
Just answer the door and feed the deer
And fight the telephone
Got to learn these words and I know you will
Or I'll send you right back to Guayaquil
Say «B'wana — He no home.»
Say «B'wana — He no home. "
Got to peel your eyes for the heat, my dear
You got to froth and foam
Got to send away the mad puppeteer
Who seems to think this is Home
I want you to speak the English right
I want you to smile and be polite
Say «B'wana — He no home.»
Say «B'wana — He no home. "
I don't care if you drive my 220, honey...
Don't let 'em steal my chrome
I don't care if you spend all my money, honey...
Long as you leave me alone
I just want you to try to remember one thing:
If somebody knocks or the telephone rings
Say «B'wana — He no home. «Say «B'wana — He no home. »