Перевод песни Bugs Bunny – What's Opera Doc?

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Elmer: Be very quiet, I'm hunting wabbits
Wabbit tracks!
Kill the wabbit!
Kill the wabbit!
Kill the wabbit!
Bugs: Kill the wabbit?
Elmer: YO HO HO! YO HO HO! YO HO...
Bugs: Oh mighty warrior of great fighting stock
Might I inquire to ask eh... what's up doc?
Elmer: I'm going to kill the wabbit!
Bugs: O mighty warrior, 'twill be quite a task
How will you do it, might I inquire to ask?
E: I will do it with my spear and magic helmet.
B: Spear and magic helmet?
E: Spear and magic helmet.
B: Magic helmet?
E: Magic helmet!
B: Magic helmet.
E: Yes, magic helmet, and I give you a sample!
E: That was the wabbit!
E: Oh, Bwoonhilda, you're so wovely.
B: Yes, I know it, I can't help it.
E: Oh, Bwoonhilda, be my wove!
E: Weturn, my wove, a fire burning inside me.
B: Return my luv, I want you always beside me.
E: Wove wike ours must be
B: Made for you and for me.
E: Return, won't you return my love... for my love is yours.
E: I'll KILL the wabbit!
E: North winds bwow, south winds bwow. typhoons, Hurricanes...
E: Thunder, wigtning, stwike the wabbit!
E: What have I done? I've killed the wabbit. Poor wittle bunny.
B: Well, what did you expect from an opera, a happy ending?