Перевод песни Jungle Brothers – In Dayz "2" Come

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Due to the circumstances
A man such as I has to take chances
Fixed inside a position
I must take on the Bambaataa Mission
Foresee a future of Unity
U and I you and me Put into motion by the RedHeaded One
Hallelujah let it be done
If ya down I'll call upon you
What I'm talkin' about might've just dawned on you
The ball drops the clock stops
The chains of Paradise unlock
Nowhere to hide nowhere to run
Prophesized in Dayz 2 Come
All in due time, time will tell
But for now my record's gotta sell
Get the message across, get the music across
Get it across without crossin' over
I ain't selin' out just to get fame
Remaining the same 'til the end of the game
Keepin' brothers calm 'til they understand
It's a Master Plan to get had by the man
Peace is the power to hold power with mind
The power they used to rob my people's gold mine
The power they used to say my thing is a trend
But as you can see Rock n Roll didn't end
Backed by ZULUS from a mighty NATION
Keepin' on, Keepin' on 'til my destination
In a world that revolves on Love and Hate
In Dayz 2 Come my Prophesized Fate
Smooth and easy I'm a run it through for yawl
Mirror mirror who's that mightiest of them all
God now I'm a give yawl the low-down
Judgement Day of the showdown
Who's on the list of life
Not you cause you was cheatin' on your wife
You wanna make it to Heaven you gotta earn it Change your life around take it and turn it aroud
Try to make the most of it Is this Paradise Yep O I love it Like my man said before Time Will Tell
Hear the sounds of Gabriel
Shout out no as the clouds start fallin'
Ha ha ya shoudn't have been stallin'
Now you wanna come cryin' on my shoulder
While I'm on my knees prayin' to Jehovah/Allah/God, and so on You never thought it would come but you was wrong see
Now ya on the floor beggin' for mercy
Please brother it's too late
In Dayz 2 Come is your Prophesized Fate
The name of the game is RAPTURE