Перевод песни Jungle Brothers – Tribe Vibes

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All are present and accounted for
Take roll call there's a 100 or more
Brothers, sisters that I call my tribe
Livin' a high on a funky vibe
Step in the stride and all think the same
Play differently but all the same game
I don't eat meat 'cause I'm not that mean
Drink a lot of juice so my inside is clean
Do unto others like they do to us
Stay out of the grip of «in God we trust»
Work by day, ritual by night
The vibe holds the tribe and it keeps it real tight
We give each other weight instead of sayin' hi And that's the first feelin' when you feel the tribe vibes
The sun set, moon rised
Stars shined, I knew it was time
Tribes got together you heard the jingle jangle
Jingle jangle comin' from all angles
I heard the bongos (The bongos?)
Bongo beats from the jungle
A ritual, a ritual, a ritual
Fire in the middle I chant a little riddle
I saw a man on the side takin' pictures
But some of us never paid him no mind
Click, click, flash, flash boom-bash
Smashed up his camera, weakened his stamina
We didn't kill'em we painted him black
Put him down wit the tribe put'em down with the pack
Took his gun and took his rifle
Changed his clothes and told'em to sit still
He tried to run but there was nowhere to hide
So at the end he gave in 'cause he felt the tribes vibes
A bird must fly but soon he lands
Good and bad both clap the same hands
Open doors mean open minds
And these 2 things mean change of times
I watch my back so I'm never held back
I keep in mind that black is black
The new funk keeps me goin' under
And fills the mind to make it wonder
Come on in and feel at home
But do not take what is not your own
A man once took and never returned
And it's shame he had to learn
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Prophet Moses as he speaks the truth
You can run but you never can hide
So hope the tribe stays on your side
A group of people a Tribe of people
Join together for one cause
Sellin' you and tellin' you
Get up and go for yours
Tribe vibes is a level of consciousness
Tribe vibes, you got to get into this
We all are thinkin' on the same plateau
A Tribe Called Quest to De La Soul
Tribe vibes is a level of consciousness
Tribe vibes, you got to look into this
«Yeah Blastmaster KRS-One, the teacher»
Living Color, Queen Latifah
Ultramagnetic and all my homies
Grandpa Bambaataa and sister Monie
The PE's the JB's...