Перевод песни Owsley – Sonny Boy

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Take Sonny, he's a real go-getter
A regular man about town
He's got the world revolving around the music
And keeping his ear to the ground
He falls asleep behind his dark sunglasses
And whispers the words with a smile
D-I-double-G, I love ya, baby
I ain't seen your face in awhile
She ain't keeping score, he don't owe her anything
But she ain't gonna sit around
Waiting for the phone to ring
Sonny Boy, don't take your toys away
Save them for a rainy day, yea, yea, yea
An IOU could break her heart in two
She thought you were the real McCoy, Sonny Boy
He's got his servant and his own dumbwaiter
To answer the phone when you call
Sorry, Sonny's underneath the weather
Try him back later next fall
The boss called him out to California
Let Hollywood make you a star
Now he's on the Music Television
And driving a Cadillac car
Funny how fame and money does what it can
To bring about change in the boy
The clothes don't make the man
It's a game you just can't win
Though it never will be the same again
Fair-weather friend
I don't think we've heard the last of Sonny
He can't get it off of his mind
He wants to laugh, but he don't think it's funny
A conscience can turn on a dime
When he was a boy, they taught him the Golden Rule
Take him for anything, but don't take him for a fool
(Don't save it 'til the morning after)