Перевод песни Scott Henderson – Gittar School

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Lost my job at McDonald's
Kept droppin' burgers on the floor
Everybody knows I ain't nothin' but a fool
So mama won't ya send me to gittar school
Got the money, so I'm in the door
Bought me a shiny 'lectric gittar
Baddest gittar in the store
Came with a wire an' a funny little pin
And the school is gonna teach me to plug it in Got the money with the highest score
Takin' the bus to Hollywood
Gonna be so fine
Big swimmin' pools and movie stars
Gonna have a real good time
A real good time
Got no more time fo' lessons
Learned some chords an' got a tan
Now I'm gone up to Seattle way
Gonna play my chords in a big grunge band