Перевод песни Project 86 – Last Meal

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I am lost inside your lair
And allowed you to lure me here
You promised immortality
I've become your newest meat
And I am ripe for the feast
And I am dripping from their mouths
As they say to me:
«We'll eat what's left of you before we're through»
The lust for blood within reach
We've woken under your feet
No longer
Frightened by these vampires
This situation is clear
No longer clouded by fear
Like cornered dogs we'll turn
And bite the hand that feeds but does not kill
«We'll eat what's left of you before we're through»
Sleep and dream
Hiding from the day
Pay no mind to shapes that wind
Around you where you lay
Parasites come in many shapes, and you forgot that we have teeth too
(There will be time for waking)
While you were feeding off our blood we became one of you
(There will be time for taking)
There is something coming that you forgot my friend
(But who?)
The very beast that you create is the one who'll slay you in the end
You thought I'd go down easy
But now you're coming with me
With me
With me
You'll burn with me
«We'll eat what's left of you before we're through»
You'll never take us alive