Перевод песни Plus One – Going Crazy

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Gave my life away,
Now its time to play,
Gotta live by the choice Ive made.
This is what I choose
If i don't wanna lose
I need to let ya make my move.
Cause you know better than I,
Than I could ever,
And I dont wanna try to
Ever do without you
You know more than I could
Than I could ever
And if you werent with me I'd go crazy...
I cant pretend that i dont need you
With all this stuff in my life i just dont know what to do
Everytime im afraid of whats in front of me
You keep me from going crazy
The show's done but the tape keeps rollin,
Cant press stop cause my life is recordin,
All this pressure keeps on pressin,
Cause you're the only one that keeps my from going crazy...
Every face i see
Takes a hold of me
And keeps me where i need to be
With a lot on my mind sometimes it makes me blind
And the vision gets hard to find
But you know better than i
Than i could ever
And i dont wanna try to ever do without you,
You know more than i could
Than i could ever
And if you werent with me i'd go crazy...
Repeat chorus
I thank God for the life i lead
I wouldnt change it
Not for a minute
I dont wanna think that i dont need
You in me
You are my security
Now that i got it, cant go without it
Cause i need you
Need you to keep me
From going crazy yeah...