Перевод песни Wayman Tisdale – When I Opened Up My Eyes

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Verse 1:
Been searching for love so long then I finally found you yea
Can this be for real?
Just when I thought of giving up Had enough of faulty love
You came and rescued me yea
And that's when I knew yea
When I opened up my eyes
I could see it clearly
You must be the one for me No matter what what was said
You never broke your promises
And i can't believe you understand me When I opened up my eyes
When I opened up my eyes
I could see the sunshine
You took away my cloudy skies
My lonely days are gone
Your love I can depend on When I opened up my eyes
Verse 2:
I'm never one for holding back
But I was taken by your attack
You took me by surprise
I get joy when I think about
How you show me all the funny things
You treat me like a lady
And i thank you for doing it for me, for me Chorus
You told me that (yea yea yea)
You'd never leave me lonely (yea yea yea)
You'd always be true to me What'd you do to me? (what'd ya do, what'd ya do to me?)
The moment that (yea yea yea)
You looked into my eyes and said (yea yea yea)
I was the one the one
Then i Knew (then I knew)
It felt like deja vu'
You showed me it's true
Chorus 2x