Перевод песни Neal Mccoy – Back

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I know that I did you bad and badder
Must have been insane as an old mad hatter then
But pride is a fairy tale sweet darlin'
Lonely is a cold hard fact
I don't want to know like without your kiss
All I really want it back
Words that I said in a heated moment
Still can't believe that I said I wanted out
After all the times that I spent wishing
I'd just shut my trap
You'd think that I could find those precious few words
That'll bring you back
I don't want to know what tomorrow holds baby
Nothing gonna come of that
Everything I need is behind me lately
Don't you know it's fading fast, fast
Baby won't you take me back
Time that we had was a priceless treasure
Gone like a junkmail letter I threw out
I don't want to think about the future
'Cause anything that's in my path
Wouldn't be as good as this I know
If I could only just go back
I don't want to break your heart sweet darlin'
I know you've had enough of that
I don't want to know life without your kiss
All I really want is back