Перевод песни Bob Rivers – PLO's & Israeli's

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PLOs and Israelis
Fight forever to live in harmony
Side by side on the Gaza
Moses did it, why can't we?
I mean, really! We've been at it for so long. We should be able to do it by now
Very, very good
We all know the desert is the same wherever you go (Oy! It's hot.)
There's not enough land (Not much shade either) for everyone (You got a drink
of water?)
So you learn to fight (That's all we do) And learn to shoot each other
Now you'd like to survive and have many wives. Yes, many very beautiful wives
would be very good
Arabic and I'm a Jew
And I'm tired of taking shots at you
Side by side on my camel
After you
No, after you
After you
After you. I insist
Ah, not a problem with me. No way! I'm going back
Ha. I'm only kidding. I was joking. See? It's not even loaded
Ah, what a crazy guy you are
Oops, are you okay?
Ah, boy oh boy
PLO, Israeli
Livin' in perfect harmony
PLO Israeli
Ah, that looks bad
Ah, it's not too bad it's just a flesh wound
I did not mean to start any trouble, really
PLO Israeli
Living in perfect harmony
PLO Israeli
I don't think you hit any vital organs here. It's not too bad. So,
could you unwrap that turban? I could use a tourniquet here
Anything for peace