Перевод песни Roberta Flack – 25th Of Last December

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Plenty reason to remember
25th of last December
How it felt
When you would hold me
In your loving arms
Now the summer's come and gone
You're away
Christmas day's just not the same
Guess I'll cry away my pain
You left home this past September
Now the fire's just an ember
We were once so warm and tender
Now you're movin' on
We were once that special blend
Of me and you
When love was true
And love was new
Now the clouds are passing through
Visions of a warm December love
But that's all gone now
An empty space where we made love
Right here in my lonely bed
You're in my memory
So clear
I feel your presence
If I reached out
It's like I'd find you there
Winter nights snowflakes dancing
Mysteries of life entrance me
With the thrill of winter closeness
Only we could share
Now my nights are spent alone
Since you are gone
I'm on my very own
My pain has grown