Перевод песни Troop – My Music

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Ah check it out I've got a story to tell you
Yes I'm talkin' about the 1st troop tour six
Days a week what a catastrophe
Yeah I know we got no sleep
Rodney B But we enjoyed the applause we didn't disregard
The ladies screamin' at our heavy duty bodyguards
We rocked hard with the mics in hand but
There's a couple of things I want you to understand
Late at night I look up to the moon
And I think to myself I would like to go home reall soon
I feel the music caught up in me
I'm a part of the beat
When they bring down the lights
Another lonely night
Just kickin' it with my music
And when the silence falls
And there are no more applause
Here's a little groove and you can use it My music
Now anyways from this end to that end
Troop is in the house and we'll keep you partyin'
It didn't take us long to learn our cards
We had the headliner workin' real, real hard
Though we're tired
We had no desire
To stop rockin'
At any time, so understand now
Troop will never fail ya Reggie
So listen as I let steve tell ya Jon-Jon
(Yeah boy)
Late at night when we're all alone
And the phone keeps on ringing
A thousand girls callin' me They're in love with what they see
But how could this be When they bring down the lights
Another lonely night
Just kickin' it with my music
And when the cheering stops
And the last curtain drops
Here's a little groove we hope you use it My music
Now when it's time to perform
We never go diarmed
Ao all perpetrators better learn tobe alarmed
The five oof us yeah
We step on the stage, we're here to cool you off
Like a full glass of minute maid breakdown
Well late at night we have a show we've gotta
Run, we get picked up in a limo we perform at one
Yeah the five of us yeah we step on the stage
Dressed in gold and black with the lights in Our face girl glamour, glitter is what you
Believe there's more to an entertainer's life
You see, we get lonely stressed out
And they still can't fade us Take a cut from my sabre
Like Walker took from Darth Vader