Перевод песни Alana Davis – Crazy

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You've got your home of the brave
And I've got my land of the free.
You conform to what society says
And I conform to me.
Looking for light in the corners,
Getting caught in the spider web.
You look at me as though I'm giving a performance
When I'm just feeding my head.
And you know that I'm doing alright
And I won't explain myself to you just to avoid a fight
How I'm living ain't correct,
But for me, its just right
I'm not completely insane.
I'm maybe just a little bit crazy.
There's no one to blame,
Got no shame 'bout my game,
Don't want nobody to save me.
I've got a pair of ruby slippers that
I don't wear much anymore
And if I had the nerve,
I'd click my heels and return
To the wonderland I knew before.
I'm waiting on a slow boat to China,
Gonna sail away to the sun.
I've been searching for myself,
And I know I'm gonna find her
If I break away from everyone.
So, the way that I act may not fit in.
Just because I have a mind of my own,
Doesn't mean its a sin.
I don't ask you to give up;
Don't expect me to give in.
Some like to live for the moment,
Taking life into their hands every day.
And if they don't get killed,
They get so high off the thrill,
They could float to heaven anyway.
And others want to save for tomorrow,
Thinking money is security.
Well, I understand the need,
But I don't get the greed.
Y'know, they all seem pretty crazy to me.
You can tell by the expression I wear.
Though I seem a little strange to you
I don't really care. I've got the freedom to be;
There are others like me everywhere...