Перевод песни Kevin Sharp – Love At The End Of The Road

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The farm was still standin' at the end of the road
The mailbox still carried our name
In spite of the rust and the weeds and the dust
The old place looked almost the same
The screen door was slammin' real slow in the wind
Like it did bout this time each November
Like someone applauding the end of a dream
That no one could seem to remember
When she came around from the side of the house
She looked like the day we first met
Before I could speak she was there in my arms
Sayin somethin I'll never forget she said
I knew you'd come back my heart told me so Men like you search every corner on Earth
When there's love here at the end of the road
It was hard to believe he was seventy-one
The way that he still got around
His station was still full-service, by gosh
And he fixed every car in this town
I stood in the door and saw nothin had changed
That stubborn old son-of-a-gun
Not the clock on the wall, not the soda machine
Or the sign that said Miller And Son he said
(Repeat Chorus)
The roof needed mending and the walls needed paint
But the stained glass still gave them a glow
I couldn't bear one more unanswered prayer
So I turned and I started to go Then I heard a voice from the back of the room
That would make any sinner believe
The words that he spoke they went right to my soul
And brought me on down to my knees He said
(Repeat Chorus)