Перевод песни Us, From Outside – I Thought You'd Be Dead By Now

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When you find your way
The resurrection of what's dead inside
My bruised and battered mind becomes the only promise
Yet, it seems unstable at best. (As I speak Right Now)
All I need right now. (I watch them die)
As I reached out for your hand not knowing you've gone away, bleeding...
I realize while I lie here just what I died for!
(On my word) How could it be that we may never know?
(We fall apart) What causes the screams?
The source may have a face of it's own. (There's no one else)
I can't believe how far I've grown from hope
(Who cares? In the end we'll let it go)
And when you find your way, I know you'll be forgiving then
My dear until we see that day I volunteer to be the blame
It's not too much to ask considering (I already am)
So take it out on me (Take it out! Take it out!)
But sleep tight angel the best is yet to come
Hold tight and don't let go...
So get yourself out, get yourself safe. (Get out, get away)
I have no place to make demands and I know you won't believe in me So I'm coming home and I won't look back
I've made the best of time to move on
I'm stronger now and I'll scream out...
I'll make them listen if it kills me now
(They'll listen if it kills me now)
Speak up my dear
(I wasn't lying when I promised I would die for you)
As your reaching out for me
(I never tried to break your heart, it's something I just do!)
I will remain on my knees...
Breathe in for me, you're breathing for me...