Перевод песни Continuance – As You Break

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Under the threat of tragedy and sudden pain for endless seconds your world is
As if waking straight out from a dream
Whether frozen in time or taking time to process all thats racing stirring
within overcoming all reason
In this moment of disbelief i wish i could be there for you
My heart is skipping beats while yours is barely hanging on the picture in my
mind of you is too much
That haunting ring, unnerving. Amplifies the nervous tone of worry
How can i stand here doing nothing
When trees are crashing all around the wind picking up and slamming them down
When the running tide is rolling you out
Erasing minutes from memory in the panic while you are draining your strength
just trying to free yourself from the dead weight thats pinning you down
As the remedy betrays the beating force of life inside of you
Its hurts to see you so helpless and be so helpless
When you needed us most how could there be no one around
We are fragile we are frail at times like these
We have no control over our bodies it seems
With tired eyes i can see your face as your spirit is crushed beneath the strain
Through thousands of miles i can only hope my voice will carry
Hold to hope take to flight though you've been broken by this weight dont let
die your fight
I am not the wisest of all men but i pray my voice will carry to your ears as i
sing for you to hear
Please stay strong now please dont lose sight for we need eachother to live
through the night
If i could give for you my life i would so take this song and be well again