Перевод песни Mickey Hart – Look Away

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Remember the song of the morning
Remember how good it could be Remember what you always wanted
The world and some way to be free
Thunder at midnight rattles the glass
Reminders in lightning: all things shall pass
Forget it and whisper in sweet harmony
The rapture of wind in a storm out at sea
Look away, away
Look away, away
The hole in the pocket, the rip in the sleeve
All are the reasons we seek to believe
That something must come of the loss and the pain
Faith may be madness but doubt is insane
One of these nights when opportunity
Beats on the door like the drum of the moon
Break free of the moment, rear back and leap
Roll like the wind on the face of the deep
Look away, away
Look away, away
Remember the song of the evening
Remember how sad it could be The fear that rose with the thin crescent moon
That we might never be free
Fear dies away with the morning
Sunlight dissolves it to mist
Leaving as some kind of warning
The dark hand of faith to be kissed
Look away, away
Look away, away
This is the hand that was spoken about
In the deep heart of music without any doubt
They call it forever, they call it a day
It's neither of those — it just feels that way
With you by my side and the child of our love
Ride on the waves while the stars shine above
Ride on the stars while the waves crash below
Loving each other — away we will go Look away, away
Look away, away
Look away, away
Look away, away