Перевод песни Professor Green – I Need You Tonight (feat. Ed Drewett)

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Hello babe, what's happening, you cool?
(Ah yeah you alright? What's happening?)
Yeah I'm good, what's goin' on?
(Yeah, nothing er chillin')
Alright, what you up to later?
(Oh yeah about that, um, dya know what I'm really busy can I call you back?)
This ain't so stereotypical man, not for a stereotypical man
It should be me that wants to get rid of you
Instead it's you that don't give a damn (what?)
It was meant to be a one night ‘ting
Nothing more than a little one night fling
Now when I'm in need you're the one I ring I (I need you tonight)
But she's playing hard to get
Brunette with such class she's hard to forget
See at first I wasn't after her heart
But I couldn't stop thinking about her after I left
I'm beginning to lose my cool, it appears in love I have fallen (whoops!)
I'm ready to put my all in and all she does is ignore my calls
She's everything I want, but all that I don't need
How can she be so hot, yet be so cold to me
How can it be so wrong, and yet it feels so right
I wish I never, but I need you tonight!
This lady is driving me crazy
She blows hot and cold like the AC
I just can't figure her out
Next time I'm with her I'm pinning her down (Oi)
I'm gonna' figure out if she's on it or not (not, not)
‘cos all of this shit is long (long, long)
See I front like I'm okay but I'm not
I'm being played at my own game and it's long (long blud)
I ain't no idiot (nope), I'm pro, I'm no intermediate
So next time she phones me I'm ain't even gonna pick up the phone to speak,
(ring) nope, swear down
(ring) wait a minute, that's her now
(I really wanna' see you today)
Alright, just give me a time and a place and I'm there
I need you, I need you
I need you, I need you
I need you, I want you
Won't stop until I've got you
There's nothing that I won't do
I need you tonight
Look, I ain't never been the type to be this (nope)
I ain't never been the type to be with
She's exposing a side of me that
I'm tryna' fight, I'm tryna' hide!
My pride, I'm tryna' find it
But ain't seen it, (umm) I'm an eejit
I know I can't help it, I'm fiending!
(I need you tonight)
(Yeah, bad place. This does not happen to me. I am me!)
I need you, I need you
I need you, I need you...
(I swear down. It's just a song — in real life, this would never happen to me.
I am a pimp. Women chase me, I do not chase women. I swear down... Swear down.